WiFi/Wireless Access Points

WiFi/Wireless Access Points for Business and Home

We provide hardware and consulting services for on-site or fully managed Wi-Fi environments to small and medium businesses. The Managed Service includes remote management of access points, monitoring, security and adjusting parameters for optimum coverage within the environment the access points are deployed in.

The Public Hotspots service is ideal for restaurants or any other public venue.  These can be permanent, temporary or as a Pop-up.  The offering is very customisable and can be configured in many different ways, such as free access or a voucher system (paid for/free).  We are also able to capture customer information, such as such as mobile numbers and email addresses for marketing later on.

Some residential homes pose challenges with normal WiFi deployments, we are able to make sure you get the coverage you need in  multi-story homes or multiple buildings on one property.

Business Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi for business

We make sure your Company & public WiFi is secure

  • Unlimited access points can be linked with in your business and managed from one central location.
  • Nationwide installation.
  • Enforce policies and security without compromise.
  • Ring fence access to visitors and/or contractors.
  • Access points are ceiling mounted and discreet.
  • Optimum coverage analysis and dead spot elimination.
  • Multiple device connectivity support. (not residential/home access points)
  • Separate your company network with sensitive information from visitors accessing the HotSpot.

Our solution provides secure access to your business, limiting visitors or contractors to snoop within your private network. Enforcement and policies are controlled centrally and fully managed.  We can lock out employees that no longer work in the organisation without having to change passwords on the access point.

Clients and visitors will not be able to see your private network nor will they be able to snoop around and get access to your files, et cetera. 

Public Hotspot

Public Hotspot

Manage your Free HotSpot with our solution

  • Managed public hotspot service.
  • Limits access to certain products or protocols, i.e. no downloading of illegal software or music.
  • Voucher or ticket system.
  • Automatically receive captured data for marketing such as name, email address, mobile number.
  • Limit your Internet costs by controlling access to web and email traffic.

The Public Hotspot solution provides an all in one product for public hotspots. The solution allows for either open access with controlled access to various protocols, or a voucher system whereby we capture marketing information such as email addresses and mobile numbers.

The solution can be rolled out nationwide and we provide both the Internet access and the management of the hotspot.

This solution is ideal for restaurants, hotels, B&B, bed and breakfasts, etc.

The solution can be deployed permanently, temporary basis or as a Pop-up at events and functions.  

Wi-Fi installation service


Wi-Fi installation service

  • We cater for residential (multi-storey/difficult) deployments and business premises.
  • Coverage analysis and optimum deployment of hotspots, eliminating dead spots.
  • Limiting coverage to your environment, preventing unauthorised access to the device as much as possible.
  • Supply and installation of hardware.


We provide this service whereby we assist residential customers with installation of Wi-Fi within the home, covering multi-storey/multi-level buildings, linking multiple buildings together or simply setting up a Wi-Fi within the office or home environment.


For businesses we offer an analysis service which identifies the optimum deployment of HotSpots in your office space. area to be covered, placement of devices together with your IT team.  Our service includes installation and setup, if required we can manage the Wi-Fi hotspot on your behalf.

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