Remote support

We provide remote support for our customers via TeamViewer 

Step 1: Download

Download TeamViewer

Click me, to download

When  prompted, save to the desktop.

Step 2: Run

Click Run

Click run and accept the security warning if prompted.

Step 3: Connect

Call us and  provide your ID code and password

Once the program starts, contact +27 11 782 6132 and quote your ID code and password. Please also enter your Name and Company name in the description block.

Can’t get the download to work, try downloading the app manually download TeamViewer.

Mac OS X

Linux OS

Linux logo Linux (v10.0.46203):

Sometimes we need your Internet IP details, if asked please give us the details in the table below:



Is it safe for me to install the software?

Yes, as each time the software (remote control) is run a new  pass code is generated.

What do I do once I'm finished with my remote session?

Once you are finished with the remote session, you can simply close the software and then delete the program from your desktop and your computer is safe from any one trying to access the system via TeamViewer.

Should I uninstall the software once I'm finished with my remote session?

This is up to you, should you wish to keep the software on your desktop, at no risk.  As there is no installation, simply delete the software from the desktop. Upon request from our support dept. you might be required to re-download this software again.