Social responsibility

How we make a difference

We are committed to assisting non-profit and NGO’s with computer and ISP related services and solutions.

  • At the best of times budgets are under pressure, let alone the technology requirement, we at Phoenix .net will donate a fixed time at no charge per month to the organisations we support, assisting them with IT related matters.
  • We engage with Management around the optimum use of the existing IT systems they use as well as putting new technologies in place to become more efficient in the processes they use to do business.
  • Together with our partner relations we look to reduce costs by sponsoring hardware and software which is correctly designed for the organisations.

Who we have supported over the years. has actively supported the following non-profit organisations.

Roots & Shoots aims to establish an ethic of care for the land, its people, and its animals; to cultivate an understanding of the interdependence of all life on earth; and to inspire love, respect, admiration, and a high regard for its value.

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The Centre for Hearing and Speech Impaired children offers a specialised programme for children with speech/language and hearing impairment. Children with hearing impairment and language delay are integrated into small classes in a pre-primary environment focusing on language stimulation.

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Rescue Orphaned, abandoned, injured and displaced indigenous birds, mammals and reptiles are brought to the FreeMe centre in northern Johannesburg.

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