Outsourced Security


With services such as ADSL, LTE and fibre becoming the choice of Internet connectivity in businesses today, the risk of intrusion, viruses, malware has increased to an alarming extent.  One of the biggest factors driving these threats is the demand for high-speed networks, which continually push the service providers to deliver better performance,  the downside is that security and other important considerations are ignored.  At your office you might have a wireless network, how secure or vulnerable is that?

All too often network security is sidelined due to budgetary constraints, however when your identity stolen or your bank accounts  cleaned out, secret documents  leaked in the public domain, the threat of network security will be real.

  There is a solution !

We provide an outsourced security services which can be tailor-made to fit into your business ,no matter how big or small your business is.

With Security monitoring  for threats such as :

  • firewall,
  • anti-spam,
  • anti-virus,
  • malware,
  • intrusion prevention,
  • and URL filtering.

We will make sure your network (wired and wireless) is secure,  throughout your  business. We deploy a combination of either hardware and/or software-based services which are located on premise or in the cloud.

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Considerations for adopting outsourced security

  • Adding value to the business
  • Accountability and compliance
  • Choosing a supplier
  • Choice, risk and due diligence

Adding value to the business

Question for businesses is weather and outsourced security provider can add sufficient value to their business, by upholding the integrity and reduce costs, Compared to an in-house team.

A good example of value creation is a forensic security service. Forensics can be easily outsourced to individuals that have the right skills and can reduce the cost of having an expensive team on the internal payroll.

But when it comes to defining value, there are no easy answers. For some organisations and some projects, value is about cost savings and efficiencies. Other organisations might see value as being driven by innovation and thought leadership.

Accountability and compliance

There is consensus among IT security professionals that, while businesses can outsource the responsibility for delivery of a security service, they cannot outsource accountability, should that security service fail; or responsibility to ensure the company complies with legal, regulatory and industry requirements such as the Data Protection Act.

“I believe organisations need to take a fully informed, risk-managed approach to outsourcing security services, as with any other outsourcing decisions,”

Choosing a supplier

This means identifying what needs to be outsourced; the standards the security provider must meet; how the outsource is to be monitored; and should things go wrong  what repudiation mechanisms are in place.

Choice, risk and due diligence

The key to any successful outsourcing programme is due diligence and understanding what is to be outsourced; and how a company would like it to be run, managed and reported on.

Without this knowledge, you will not get the service you want, you expect or are paying for. Outsourcing IT security can yield benefit, but only if you understand what and why you are outsourcing

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