About Us

My name is Wolfgang Phoenix, founder of Phoenix.net, I started this business’s 18 years ago with a slogan which  is ” We are IT”   The meaning behind the slogan is to incorporate as many aspects/solutions of IT as possible  under one umbrella.

To this end we have accumulated more than 30 different products and services which we believe are key in making one point of call for our customers.   Today we are able to provide anything from a 1000 MBps fibre connection, through to logo design and printing of business cards, we truly have a full service offering.

Our offering is aimed at providing these services and products to small and medium businesses on the African continent.


We form strategic partnerships with leading vendors in the  information technology sector. These partnerships give us insight and understanding at a level that is not accessible through normal channels.  We use these opportunities to improve efficiencies and give our customers advice on how to implement these in a meaningful manner.

Through our long-standing partnerships with local IT vendors and distributors, we get access to new technology on an ongoing basis.  This allows us to source, implement and deliver the right solutions  for your business, quickly and efficiently no matter where you are.

Our approach has not been to get entrenched with one IT vendor but rather keep key relationships with multiple vendors. This engagement allows us to source the best product for your requirements.

As we are small, we are able to adapt  much quicker to the changing world of information technology. We are able to draw on our many years of experience to deliver solutions in a cost effective manner, making sure we meet your budgetary requirements.

It is through our insatiable hunger for knowledge and our willingness to listen that keeps our customers coming back.


Vendors we are use: