Welcome to Phoenix .net cc

Your All in one Solution Provider

My name is Wolfgang Phoenix, founder of Phoenix .net. I have been advising companies and individuals for the past 17 years in matters  of Information Technology and related areas. We are very passionate about all things IT and have an insatiable hunger for knowledge in the ever changing landscape of computers and Information Technology.

As the digital divide grows every closer you need a partner who is able to advise and guide you in making the right choice for your organisation, we believe that we are that partner!

Our role varies from organisation to organisation, in some companies we only advise, in others we implement new strategies & technologies, and in others we manage the whole IT infrastructure.


If you are a bigger business, we offer an all-in-one experience, uncommon when dealing with other supply/consulting companies.  This will enable you to get the most complete solution out of your projects.  We pride ourselves in our unrivalled attention to detail and excellent service.

I get asked all to often, do we cater for individuals and small business, the answer is absolutely yes!  We believe every small company will grow into a corporation, and we will be there all the way with you.

 Our strength lies in our unrivalled support which sets us apart from our competitors.  No matter how technologically advanced or “impaired” you are,  we are able to communicate on your level.  One point of call for all your support  issues.

Why not give us a try and experience the service for yourself.

Please take a look around our website, and let me know if I can assist you with anything. :-)

Wolfgang Phoenix
CEO – Phoenix .net